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Instagram is one of biggest social media platforms of our time. After Facebook acquired it back in 2012 for a whopping $1 billion, the application has since become a key player in marketing to the masses. Millions of businesses around the world are utilizing the power of the gram to advertise their companies and products to potential customers.

With over 800 million users (100 million increase from April) and 500 million daily active users, Instagram has never been more attractive as a moneymaking opportunity. People are making thousands of dollars a day without any business or products using CPA networks such as OGads and CPAGrip. If you really want to start creating a massive passive income stream on the web, this is the way to do it.

1. Getting Started | Register with OGads

Assuming you already have an active Instagram account, the first thing you are going to want to do is sign up for OGads. Click this link for a redirect. is a desktop affiliate and mobile incentive network that helps affiliates and developers monetize their online traffic.

Below is a full list of benefits with OGads:

Key Advantages

  • 100% Fill Rate
  • iOS & Android Apps
  • Custom Themes
  • Javascript Code
  • Direct Link Code

Other Advantages

  • Auto Optimized
  • Fully Customizable
  • Tablet Responsive
  • Paying CPA Offers
  • Easy to Integrate

Desktop Lockers

  • Lock Content
  • Fully Optimized
  • Fully Customizable
  • Advanced Statistics
  • User Friendly

Mobile Rewards

  • White Label Wall
  • Set Your Rewards
  • Easily Customizable
  • Responsive Design
  • Total Control

After a brief review of your application, it should be accepted and you can move onto the next step in the process.

2. OGads | Choose a Pre-Hosted Landing Page

Through use of OGads, you can use a pre-hosted landing page to display trending offers to your audience. This simply means that instead of creating a website landing page yourself, you can choose to display one from another website. Each time a conversion is made through your affiliate link, you earn a commission.

Click here to find your landing page. You can pick between popular offers such as a free iPhone X or a Clash Royale Gem Generator. I would recommend using general niches such as free followers or giveaways (they are automatically approved). You will then be shown your unique affiliate link to the share around.

3. Instagram | Place Affiliate Link in Bio

Grab the link from OGads and place it into your Instagram bio as a link to your website. If Instagram rejects the website, use Bitly to shorten the link. Add a brief description in your bio that will entice users to click on the website. This could go something like “Earn Free Followers Now by Clicking Below” or “Free iPhone to First 10 People Who Register”.

This is the most important part of this method. No matter where you put your link, you have to make sure it is active and working before you start sharing it. Nothing is worse than sharing an inactive or broken link and missing out on all that income.

4. iMacros | Bring Traffic to Your Account

Now that all the dirty work is done you can start promoting your Instagram account to garner more views. The more people who see your profile, the more clicks you will get and therefore conversions. There are a plethora of methods you can utilize to bring traffic to your Instagram, but the one I like most is the use of iMacros.

Since the termination of automative social media services such as Massplanner and Instagress, Instagram users have been at a loss on how to automate their profiles. Lucky for them I have recently created a slew of scripts that will fix that very issue. You can read about what iMacros are and how people use them to gain thousands of followers in my last post.

After you implement those scripts you can start running them on repeat throughout the day. This will guarantee you hundreds of new likes and followers every day which will instantly convert into conversion traffic.

Click to download these codes: iMacro-Scripts-2017.pdf (144 downloads)

5. Scale Up | How to Increase Followers and Conversions

Promoting your Instagram can be as simple as opening the app itself. If you want to put your account on autopilot, iMacros are the way to go. But the social media platform as a standalone application can accomplish this task perfectly. Here is how to go about scaling up your profile:

  • Start with following 50 new people an hour. Target a competitor Instagram account and begin following their followers.
  • Wait a couple minutes and direct message the people who follow you back with something like “Thanks for following! I’m giving away a Free iPhone X to all my new followers. Link in bio!”
  • Repeat the process. You should be liking and following up to 300-500 photos and people a day. The key here is to stay active.
  • Check your OGads account and determine the effectiveness. Feel free to switch things up by changing the wording in your direct message or by following the followers of a different competitor.


– Jeff Arnold | Author | For Arrivedo