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The science behind computer automation is not as completed as it once was. We live in a time where practically anything is possible. With that inspires inventions which overtime creates improvements and before you know it, everything is simplified. For those of you who don’t know, allow me to introduce to you a technology that is far beyond normal comprehension.

iMacros | Definition

“iMacros web automation software works with every website to make it easy for you to record and replay repetitious work, including sites use dialog boxes, frames, Javascript, Flash, Flex, Java and AJAX.” –

This program is an extension for Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome in which you can automate tasks with full programmatic control over the web browsers.

  • Examples of use and automation of:

    • Navigation
    • Form Filling
    • Data Collection
    • Performance Monitoring
    • Regression Testing
    • Image Recognition

Gone are the days of tedious online work and going through the motions of repetitive tasks. Now you can make thousands of dollars a week using iMacros passive income to automate your web browser.

Download and Setup

To use this program, follow this link and download the iMacros file in correspondence to your computer preferences.

Once you have done that, open the software and install it onto your computer. It should be an extension in your web browser that you can simply click on to easily open at will.

Launch the program and it will open to a white panel where you can play, record and manage your iMacro files.

Play would be for when you want to activate one of your iMacros to complete a prerecorded task for you. Record would be for when you want to designate a new task for your computer to automate. Manage would be for editing codes and making adjustments.

How to Record a Task

To record your first task, all you have to do is hit the record button and then hit record again from the options that are displayed below.

A recording window will then be displayed. This indicates that the recording process is active and running. Everything you click and type after this will be recorded by your iMacros.

To save the file, stop recording and save the iMacro with a title you can use to identify the task. An example would be ” Instagram Follow” for the automation of following other Instagram accounts.

Real World Examples

I personally use iMacros for social media automation. For instance, I have amassed a couple thousand followers on Instagram in the last few years (@rftm). While juggling college, school work, a part time job, web development, a girlfriend and a social life, I became too busy to post.

In order to keep my account active, I run these iMacros to follow and like new users and their most recent photos. After a while I switch on the unfollow and unlike iMacros which will respectively unfollow and unlike my nonactive followers.

You can also use this software to fill out profiles and forms on different forums which you can use to promote your website with free advertising. Simply create an account and automate your computer to reply to topics and create new discussions with a link back to your website. This will not only increase your traffic but also your views and impressions on advertisements and products you have listed to sell on your website.