Facebook Ads | Niche Blueprint for $1,000 Daily

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When it comes to Facebook advertising, there are generally two main strategies that affiliates take part in doing. The first one leads to a loss of money while the second leads to thousands of dollars each and every day. So ask yourself, what is the dire difference?

Direct Linking | The Wrong Way

Direct linking is what kills any affiliates chance of making money on their advertising campaign by simply pointing them to the vendor’s page and initiating a hard sell. This would be the incorrect method of utilizing Facebook ads to achieve heavy profits.

Most people use Facebook as a way to pass the time and to socialize with friends and family. They are more than likely not in a buying mood nor do they have the intention of buying anything while surfing through their newsfeed.

Picture your Facebook audience as a female sitting at a booth in a restaurant. She is scrolling through her newsfeed while waiting for the waiter to come up and take her order. Now the female is set on buying a meal for herself, but is not set on making any online purchases and so she will not commit to anything at that given moment.

Odds are that she would not buy something right then and there after direct linking, no matter how convincing the vendor’s page was.

Using a Blog | The Right Way

Here is how to use the art of blogging to help you achieve a four-figure salary on a day-to-day basis:

1. Create a Niche Site

Build a website that is focused solely on your specific niche, not a product itself. Have each page feature an opt-in form offering a free PDF report or blueprint to entice users to join your email list. This free document should only contain useful information that will low-key promote your affiliate products.

2. Setup a Facebook Page

Create a Facebook page designed around your niche with shareable posts containing pictures, graphics and articles. Link all posts to pages on your external page with titles such as “Top 5 things…” or “1o Secrets of…” to lure prospective customers.

3. Link to Posts on Facebook

Begin to run your advertisements with all links pointing to your posts on Facebook. Do not link directly to the external page. Create catchy headlines with visually appealing images to draw attention to your content. Try following established pages such as ViralThread or Ladbible to view a few examples of successful headings and images that users will want to click on.

4. The Power of Engagement

This strategy should begin to bring you a ton of traffic to your Facebook page and via user engagement it will further provide free publicity. Many users will click through to your website or affiliate offer. If you set up an opt-in form with the incentive of a free report or blueprint, it is even more likely that many will subscribe to your list as well. Facebook traffic is infamous for free stuff. Soft sells rack in the most cash at the end of the day.

5. Repeat the Process

Once you get the hang of making posts and linking all your advertisements, obtaining traffic should no longer be a problem. The more posts you make and the greater your budget, the more money you will make from you Facebook advertisements. Feel free to play around with settings and even try a few AB split testing campaigns to see which strategy works best for your niche.

Allow Me to Emphasize

You should focus on having a Facebook page filled with useful and engaging content. While running Facebook advertisements, keep your page maintained with high quality posts and images. As long as you do not use direct linking this method should work flawlessly for you, depending on your niche.

Using Facebook paid advertising, having users engage with your content makes it visible on their newsfeed, which their friends can then see. If their friends engage with it also, then that in turn makes in visible on their newsfeed as well and so on and so forth.

To refer back to our earlier scenario, if that girl as the restaurant had 1,000 friends on Facebook, maybe 500 of them saw your advertisement or her engagement on their newsfeed. From these 500 people (50%), maybe 20% are actually interested in the same topic as her.

Now, there is a strong chance that a few of the 100 people remaining will engage with your post and click through to your website and therefore your affiliate link.