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As a brief preview, I will be teaching you how to create, build and convert your email list into a $40K a month business. We will be accomplishing this by doing all the following:

  1. Buying solo advertisements
  2. Sending people to squeeze pages
  3. Getting them to sign up to your autoresponder
  4. Sending them fun and interesting products

Before we get started, allow me to run through a couple definitions first.

Squeeze Page: A landing page designed to capture opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers. The goal is to convince a visitor into providing one of their most sought-after and coveted pieces of personal data: their email address.

Source: Wordstream

Autoresponder: A program that generates a set response to all messages sent to a particular email address automatically.

Source: Google

Self-Liquidating Offer: An SLO is something that generates an email opt-in, lead or purchase, while simultaneously offsetting (or completely negating) the cost of advertising.

Source: AutoGrow

Conversions: People who selectively subscribe to your email list. The higher the conversion rate, the better your squeeze page and the more sales you make.

Source: BlackHatWorld

Now we can proceed to the moneymaking.

You want to build the biggest list possible. For every subscriber on your list you will make on average $1 a month. If you send out an email to 100,000 people on your list promoting a product where you make $25 per sale and only 2% bought it, you would make $50,000. That is the power of sending a single email.

For solo ads, you can buy a click for around $0.35 on average. For this example, say you have $25 to start. You can buy about 70 clicks. From those 70 clicks, maybe 25 opt-in. They are then forwarded to your SLO and two people purchase it. You will make a 200% return on profit which is an average $25 a month just from one advertisement, plus you have your money back from the SLO.

Now say you buy $25 worth of advertisements every week, but including the money you previously made. Next week you pay for 150 ads, 50 subscribe and you make 3 sales. You made your money back plus an extra 50 subscribers and are making about $85 a month.

Within three months you would have close to 2,500 people, thus profiting around $2,500 per month. In 6 months, you would receive 10,000 opt-ins at $10,000 a month. At one year, you have a 40K subscriber list with over $40,000 in profit.

Step 1: Find Products to Promote

Go to CBengine and choose a product with high gravity and has a professional look to it. Head over to Google or YouTube and search for reviews of this product to determine the strengths and weaknesses. Jot down a few important notes on each one. You will need these for the next step.

Step 2: Create a Squeeze Page

Use a high quality and high converting web source like ClickFunnels. If you want to build your own on your WordPress site, I highly suggest reading through some of the articles on WealthyAffiliate. There are dozens of articles that will help you create the best squeeze page for you specific product or business.

To make this squeeze page preform to its full potential, create a video highlighting what you get when a user purchases this product and why they should buy it. Either that or create a list of bullets depicting the strengths of this product and what the user can get out of it. This takes us to our next step: the autoresponder.

Step 3: Setup an Autoresponder

Personally, I use MailChimp because it has compatible plugins with WordPress which make tracking and updates swift and easy. I have also head great things about the website Aweber, including low pricing and exceptional customer service.

The idea here is that when a user submits their email on your squeeze page, it directs them to a thank you page and then immediately sends out an email welcoming them to your site. You can then follow up that email with a series of other emails and start forwarding your affiliate offers. Here come the dollar signs!

Step 4: Pay for Advertisements

Only go with solo ad providers that have positive feedback such as most of the users on SoloAdDirectory. 100 clicks will run you about $40, calculating out to $2.50 per click. This may seem pretty high but remember you are getting high quality clicks and traffic thanks to the art of solo advertisements and providers targeting their own email lists.

You can either write up an email or have them do it for you and these advertisers will send it out to their audience. I would suggest writing your own article so that you can determine the quality and make it as highly converting as possible. Start with the smaller products where you earn very little and then move up to the bigger ones.

Step 5: Remain Consistent

This is most important step in this strategy. You will fail if you do not keep up with the demand and begin to slack off. Always remember to check the amount of subscribers you have acquired and how males sales you have made. Creating a strong, active relationship with your email list will skyrocket you into a world of success.

Good luck on your journey to 100,000 opt-ins! If you have any questions regarding this blog post, simply fill out the contact form here. Thank you for reading!