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You have probably been asking yourself just how in the world can you make up to $100 a day without having a product or business of your own. Maybe you have tried a couple tricks and strategies in the past and they have all backfired one by one. Well friend, this is where that boat finally sets sail because this is a guaranteed way to earn $50-100 per day with minimal work and never selling a single item.

The eBay affiliate program is one that is often forgotten about because it is considered a thing of the past. Amazon came in and really cleaned up the market. But the good thing about that is it also cleared out most of the competition for affiliate marketing on eBay.

The Four R’s

With less competition you are more likely to get leads, sales and conversions. So in order to throw yourself into this lost network of incredible potential here are the steps you must follow:


  • Visit ebaypartnernetwork.com and register for the eBay affiliate program


  • Google a few of the top classified advertisement websites such as Craigslist and begin listing items in high demand for sale


  • When people message you about the product, you have one of two options:
    • Tell them you decided to list it on eBay instead
    • Tell you you sold it already and direct them to the product on eBay


  • You will begin getting paid from eBay in one of two ways:
    • Whenever somebody purchases an item on eBay
    • Whenever somebody registers for an account and stays active

The great thing about this method is that, like most affiliate networks, the tracking link comes with a 30 day cookie attached. This means that a purchase or registration does not need to happen instantaneously and you can still receive a commission if action is take within 30 days.

A bit of a side note: try not to restrict yourself to simply high demand items such as cars and appliances. Remember that products that are in high demand usually come with escalated ticket prices. Test a few different categories of items and see what sells best at what price!